Client Testimonies

We can crunch numbers, project the future tax landscape, and implement current money saving strategies, but if it’s not positively impacting our clients then we’re not satisfied. Here’s a handful of client testimonies that give a glimpse into how our services are received by our clients.

[Wacek and Associates was] able to save my family thousands of dollars. I couldn’t believe the difference between their service and my previous accounting experiences with other firms.

-Drew, 11 year expat after his first tax season with Wacek and Associates

[Wacek and Associates has] taken away entirely . . . the overwhelming stress of taxes. And not only have they made it easy on me, they’ve actually saved me lots of money along the way. They truly have used their business to impact the quality of our lives, and we are forever grateful for all that they do.

-John, US-based client since 2013

I appreciate Wacek and Associates’s commitment to clear communication and consistent improvement. Having quality people taking care of my taxes with expertise allows me to focus more time and energy on my family and work.

-Matthias, expat client since 2016

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