Our Team

Rick Wacek – Senior Partner, CPA

Rick is based in Richmond, VA but is often traveling around the world visiting family, friends, team members, and clients. He is passionate about saving clients time and is committed to ensuring every dollar of tax savings is received by our clients. There is a 100% you’ll hear his laugh if you are fortunate enough to be on a call with him.

Kathy Wacek – Executive Assistant

Kathy is unsurprisingly also based in Richmond, VA and is often traveling around the world as well. Kathy primarily assists Rick although she plugs into various areas when needed. When she’s not working, she is spending as much time as she can with her grandkids!

Jay Shewan – Firm Manager

Jay is based in Indianapolis, IN and runs the day to day operations of Wacek and Associates. If you have a question, Jay probably has an answer or can point you to the person who does. When he’s not working, Jay is likely outside with is family preferably rollerblading.

Maria Densmoor – Reviewing Staff

Maria splits time between Baltimore, MD and Jakarta, Indonesia, although she lives primarily in Jakarta. Maria asserts an impeccable attention to detail when reviewing and ensures returns she touches are in excellent condition. When she’s in Indonesia, she and her husband Mike are on staff with a one of the largest churches in Jakarta!

Jessica Holloway – Tax Preparation Specialist

Jessica is based in Richmond, VA and prepares taxes for Wacek and Associates. While working for Wacek and Associates, Jessica is also pursuing her CPA. If you’re ever in the Richmond area make sure you try her homemade kombucha!

Connie Miller – Tax Preparation Specialist

Connie is based in Richmond, VA and prepares taxes for Wacek and Associates. After teaching math for 10 years, Connie made the jump into the tax world. A fun connection within our team is that Connie is actually Jessica’s mother!

Tim Staples – Tax Preparation Specialist

Tim is based in Waxhaw, NC and prepares taxes for Wacek and Associates. Tim was formerly the CFO on a non-profit organization named JAARS and annually works with Wacek and Associates from May to December.

Stephanie Schliesmann – Administrative Assistant

Stephanie is based in Beloit, WI and serves in several different administrative capacities. Wacek and Associates tax preparation service starts and ends with Stephanie as she oversees data gathering at the beginning and filing at the end. As you can tell by her picture, Stephanie’s favorite color is orange!

Stephanie Wacek – Administrative Assistant

Stephanie is based in Raleigh, NC and serves primarily as the billing manager although she plugs into different roles when needed. Stephanie is a full time teacher, and as you may have guessed, the daughter of Rick and Kathy!

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