Our Services

Tax Return Preparation
This service utilizes specific strategies to take full advantage of your current tax situation. The end result is an accurate return that is crafted to garner you the largest refund or lowest tax payment possible.

Tax Planning
This service provides our clients with recommendations throughout the year and at year end to minimize future taxes. Retirement contributions and conversion, estimated tax payment calculations, tax law changes, and personalized tax strategies surrounding life changes like adoptions, births, travel, and large purchases all present tax planning opportunities.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
This service assists our clients with staying in compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act. U.S. residents who meet certain thresholds must annually report foreign financial accounts over which they have signatory authority.

IRS and State Correspondence
This service advises and assists clients with any mailed correspondence they receive from government tax agencies. These letters are the primary communication method of these agencies and can be daunting and unclear, especially when they are asking for some sort of response. Our years of experience working with these agencies positions us to advise and advocate on our clients’ behalf.

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